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Work that speaks | Ad Reviews | May 18 to 26, 2022


Gokul Krishnamoorthy

ABP News | Answers to questions of curiosity

Here’s what a simple, yet solid idea backed by uncompromising execution can do. More than the idea, the fundamentals of this campaign – which was created for commercial media at Goafest in early May 2022 – are solid. Genuine curiosity has always been the foundation of good journalism. Kudos to ABP for sticking to this truth while reiterating its positioning for the band’s centenary campaign. For bringing this positioning to life, the creative team deserves more credit than they are given. Despite the repeated infusion of ABP News (as must have been the brand’s mandate) towards the end, the film ends up celebrating genuine curiosity – akin to that of a child. In doing so, he celebrates the true spirit of journalism.

CRED | Play It Different | Ravi Shastri

CRED has shown that it is possible to make a “wall” like Dravid interesting in an unusual fit of rage, and to portray a colorful character like Ravi Shastri in all its hues with bluster and exaggeration, and keep it just as captivating. . Both for the same principle. Only now there is much more familiarity with the brand and it is clearly understood that an agenda beyond the creation of recall is also served. Paying bills (on time) via CRED is rewarding. If we may add, keep watching the CRED commercials, they are entertaining.

Tata Salt | Shuddhta Sachchai Ki

Truth as a premise is essential in critical health categories. This explains why we saw Kinley take the “truth” convincingly years ago. This also explains why Tata Salt, in a totally different way, emphasizes the importance of truth. It makes you want to believe in the brand.

HDFC Life | Naa Ki Takat | Mother’s Day | #SarUthaKeJiyo

The need for a mother to be firm in the discipline of her children finds reiteration in this ‘Maa Ki Naa Ki Takat‘ and how it shapes a child’s future. Fittingly, it comes from a brand that has represented ‘Sar Utha Ke Jiyo’ and on the occasion of Mother’s Day. One marvels at the simplicity with which the thought has been captured and with what power. That’s all it takes. A slice of life. And someone to tell that story for a brand.

Amazon India | Tu Khul Tu Khil Har Pal | #HarPalFashionable


“Stay beautiful as you are” or say it as you want, this thought is as timeless as it is relevant. It finds its articulation here as ‘Tu Khul Tu Khil Har Pal’. The stories of a trans actor opening up and the influential young woman coming to terms with her “happily flawed” self are hard not to tell.

We also want to encourage the old man who enters the fray to play every day with the youngest. Amazon is onto something bigger here than meets the eye.

hyundai | Quality time with Hyundai

The stories of a former Indian footballer and a café-NGO owner from Kolkata are interesting enough to make you want to hear about their cars – a Venue and an Alcazar respectively. And how cars help to improve featured people’s quality time with their loved ones. The step on the car is minimal, allowing for engaging storytelling. Told without dramatization, the stories also seem authentic. It was perhaps the best way to tap into real stories, from the POV of the owners.

The first of the series that we could experience dates back to January 2022, but we feel that it was the iterations on owner-directed content that evolved into “quality time with Hyundai”.

That of Guwahati’s sedan-riding dance-loving female entrepreneur (Verna) is the most recent of the stories, uploaded on May 28, 2022.

If the stories stay true to the owners’ stories, and the more captivating each of them is, this series will have a much higher impact. The more features the car comes into play, the more it will appeal to a car-loving audience. I don’t think that was the idea. Some of the stories are more than watchable, more than once. Here’s hoping for more.

Unacademy | Focus | First law of learning

Another IPL edition, another lesson from partner Unacademy. On ‘Focus’, presented as the first law of learning. It must have been really hard to follow the first one. That the brand manages to keep it interesting is a feat.

happily | do nothing

It’s hard not to remember “Do nothing, eat 5 stars”. But you see the Happilo films and understand that he’s trying to say celebrate when it counts – whether it’s a residential society function or a birthday party. He does it with enthusiasm and a weapon in the hands of a character that helps him stand out. Rather unexpected from a dried fruit brand. When you have to cut, you have to break the category codes. In this case, the brand may also be looking to eat opportunities like others have.

Epson India | #DubaraShuruat | Happy Mother’s Day

We have already seen another printer brand, HP, prevail on festive occasions with clever use of the product to light up someone’s life. We’ve seen other brands play on a new inning for a career mom or pursuing a passion. Epson seems to be bringing the two together for Mother’s Day to good effect. The young woman who takes the initiative for her mother to resume teaching dance is endearing. A perfect tribute, worthy of reimbursement.

JioMart | #HarGharKaMart | The lowest prices every day

I often wonder how certain celebrities come across as totally inappropriate playing characters that aren’t in their strata, in commercials. In other words, a celebrity playing a middle-class character worried about low grocery prices, another espousing the mileage of an entry-level bike, and so on. Maybe it’s just me? No, a random survey of three other people suggests that when it comes to this on-screen star couple, or MS Dhoni for TVS, it may not be believable, but it’s more than that. ‘acceptable. A producer-director also educated me on the “castability arc” of actors. Maybe why a handful of them run so many ads.

When it comes to performance, Deepika and Ranveer are in the top league. It certainly helps the work of the creative team and the filmmakers.

Pampers | Lohri Sulaye Aur Pampers Sulaye Rakhe

The idea of ​​using a popular singer as a mom with a lullaby to boot is a great idea. Perhaps more can be done to leverage this aspect to make the work stand out even more. As it is, the logic of the lullaby to put baby to sleep and the diaper to make him sleep peacefully, is winning.

#BonusBibaMamans | Mother’s appreciation

“A mother’s assessment” is a thought worth remembering because theirs is perhaps the most “taken for granted” contribution to society, at least in past generations. It’s time to make amends where we can.

Featured Sports | INDvSA T20I 2022 | #ChaseTheRecord

Another Indian men’s cricket series finds another reason to entice fans to tune in. This time #ChaseTheRecord. Keeping things interesting is Aamir Khan. I hate to do this but I wonder what will happen to the promo if India lose the opening game, which they need to win to have the record 13th victory. Or for that matter what if he wins and successfully chases the record. I’m sure the pros have it all figured out. Let’s watch the matches.

Malabar Gold And Diamonds | Nrityanjali

The film is inspired by the theme of the collection and does justice. Exquisite presentation, accurately blending traditional inspiration with its modern recreation, helps the brand stand out among a multitude of inspired jewelry offerings.

zupee | Sara India Kheleg

Song, dance and encore? Does it work? Done well with the right exposure, it often is. There’s enough zing and Zupee in this animated rendition. But we would like there to be a little more of the brand than in the song.

SKODA India | Mother’s Day | Choose what really matters

Another Mother’s Day job that we seem to have missed. We generally offer the “social experience” format only when there is a strong message. There is one here. While we credit and lean on mothers for many things, in some areas we have kept them out of the conversation. Financial inclusion may have taken the lead in inclusivity lately, but that too was more about women than mothers. In any case, automobiles, your time has come.

Exchange22 | Ka Sports Scholarship

Confession. Didn’t recognize the celebrity/influencer. Yet, was the work interesting? In the increasingly crowded gaming/esports space, does it stand out? Seems to be a relatively new approach. ‘Bade Jigar Wale Yahin Milte Hain’ and ‘Sport Ka Stock Market’ help the brand stand out. Just like the “stay invested” message of certain financial instruments.

Scorpion-N | The big daddy of SUVs

It is made for enthusiasts and should therefore be viewed from that lens. The follow-up to the teaser is designed to keep enthusiasts interested until the reveal, with some minor reveals all its own – like the name.

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