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Woman turns 2 $ 100 bills into a thoughtful and adorable baby shower gift


This TikToker revealed how to turn two $ 100 bills in a creative and thoughtful spirit baby shower gift!

Choose the perfect baby shower gift can be tough. Finding something well thought out that expectant parents don’t already have and will actually use is tricky, but just giving away money can feel impersonal.

Fortunately, TikToker Valentina (@valentinabalance) found a creative solution! The talented TikToker shares a wide variety of paper folding videos on her TikTok account. In a recent video, Valentina showed how to fold two $ 100 into adorable baby shoes that can be given as a baby shower gift.

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In the video, Valentina begins by arranging her material: two $ 100 bills and two elastic bands. It begins by folding the bottom third of a $ 100 bill horizontally. Then she makes small adjustments to the folded bill, folding down its top edge and tucking in the corners.

Then she begins to bend the beak along the outer edges, building it so that it begins to take on a 3D shape. After several small folds, Valentina uses a rubber band to secure her work. At this point, the beak looks a bit like a backless slip-on shoe.

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Valentina completes her baby shoe design by folding up the back of the ticket and tying it with a pink ribbon. The result looks a lot like a traditional baby shoe – only made from money!

Valentina then places a second $ 100 baby shoe, created off-screen, next to the first, and places both shoes in a gift box.

Viewers were blown away by Valentina’s creative tutorial and jumped into the comments section to show some love.

“Now that’s creative thinking. Awesome, ”wrote one impressed viewer.

“Wow! Thanks! [I] I give this to my sister-in-law so much! wrote another TikToker.

“So cute! I’ll keep them until the baby is 18! Another TikTok user replied.

Other viewers joked that $ 200 was expensive for a baby shower gift.

“Step one: get $ 200,” replied a TikToker.

“So you think I’m rich,” another user joked.

Fortunately, Valentina’s tutorial works with any dollar bill denomination, so you can give that thoughtful baby shower gift whatever your price range!

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