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What’s in your Easter basket?


You know there’s a holiday just around the corner when your social media is filling up with surveys of favorite candy for that holiday in every state.

They always say “survey says” and I wonder how many people in each state participated in the survey? They must use empirical data such as the quantity of each candy sold in each state. But, I digress.

None of these stories have ever made me choose a different candy to include in my holiday celebration, because I think those preferences are set when we’re really, really young. These early Easter baskets set the stage for what a person wants from there.

And, yeah, I said from there because I don’t think a person outgrows an Easter basket or a stocking stuffer or a bag of Halloween treats.

The things in these containers will change a bit as you get older, and who provides them may change, but the fun of getting them can make anyone feel like a kid again.

I recently started making a basket for my beloved niece who is no longer a very young child. She is, to my amazement, a teenager.

I really don’t know how it happened. I tell her every time I see her that she has to slow down all this growth. She used to laugh at that, now she just gives me that teenage scowl. Deciding what to get a teenager in an Easter basket is more difficult, I admit.

All the cute little toys they make for Easter are too young for her, so I had to fill in with other stuff. Some listings I saw on social media had things like expensive headphones and video game systems.

Who are they trying to fool?

Easter baskets must not contain Christmas presents. They must contain trinkets. Tiny little things that bring joy.

So I tried to find things that she would like, but that wouldn’t give either of us a heart attack if she lost them or the dog ate them. Since she is old enough to read, I will not list them here.

But I will say there are some awesome listings on Pinterest for anyone who needs help building a basket for a teenager – just ignore the ones that are obviously put together by marketing departments who think Easter baskets should cost hundreds of dollars.

The recipient’s favorite candy and a few little balls or toys are all it takes to put some spring in their step and let them know they’ll always be our favorite little bunny.