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UW Health warns parents about dangerous toys


MADISON, Wisconsin (WKBT) – Doctors at UW Health want to warn parents of an increase in emergency room visits for children involving two types of toys.

Reports show that 10% of cases involving foreign objects tracked or found in the ear or nose involve two products, Orbreeze and Bucky Balls.

Orbreezes are small balls that swell in water and Bucky Balls are small magnetic balls.

UW Health doctors want to make sure children don’t end up in the emergency room.

“If any of these objects are placed in the nose or in the ear, it can be very difficult to remove. And especially in the nose, or if swallowed, this can increase the risk of entering the respiratory tract of the child, which would require him to go to the operating room to have it removed ”, a said the director of pediatric emergency medicine, Nicholas Kuehnel.

UW Health also says it’s good for parents to remind children that toys should not be in the ears, nose, on the tongue, or swallowed.


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