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This rescued baby lamb went from frail and orphaned to a spoiled domestic goat


Meet Squirt! He was orphaned at just 48 hours and needed immediate care and bottle feeding when Road To Refuge Sanctuary received him.

Just when the sanctuary thought everyone was safe, this lucky boy was spotted minutes before heading home after an incredible rescue. Squirt is a sweet, wild and playful little boy who is thriving in his new home with his loving foster family.

Squirt has undergone an amazing transformation since being taken in by Road to Refuge. Once a frail, orphaned baby, Squirt is now a spoiled little house goat with long, shaggy hair and big horns and can run around freely in a field. He enjoys playing with his siblings at the sanctuary and being bottle fed.

“How cute is this creature really?” Honestly, I can’t even stand it. He has such a big personality and grows like a weed too. He and I have bonded so much over the past few weeks and I’m so glad our paths crossed. He makes me so happy!” said Road To Refuge Sanctuary.

Squirt is not only alive, but now thriving from the hard work this shrine does every day.

Although Squirt’s start to life was rocky, he seems incredibly happy in his new home. It’s really amazing how much a little compassion can change the whole look of an animal!

Because these lambs are raised for their wool, unfortunately, unwanted lambs are either auctioned off as bottle-fed babies or left in the elements to die. While many people believe the wool industry is harmless, the countless lambs left in the fields or taken to auction and denied veterinary care paint a very different picture. Every lambing season, sanctuaries are overwhelmed with agonizing calls for orphaned lambs; and unfortunately, most simply do not have the capacity.

Road To Refuge Sanctuary is a refuge for neglected, abused and special needs farm animals. They are committed to removing animals from toxic and desperate situations as well as saving animals from slaughter. They run solely on donations and rely on committed monthly support to be able to save lives.

If you are interested, you can donate here. You can also consider joining Patreon today to help the sanctuary save more lives like Squirt.

You can follow Squirt and the other rescues on Instagram!

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