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Suffolk County Girl Scout group strives to help victims in Haiti


The proud members of Suffolk County Girl Scout 12 are doing their part to help those in need.

Scouts are working hard to help the Haitian people after the recent disasters.

“I was watching the news and saw everything that people in Haiti were going through,” said one girl.

Haiti has recently been hit by both an earthquake and a hurricane.

“How can I help someone else who needs it?” Girl Scout Olivia told News 12. “How can I act for a Girl Scout? My dad and I jumped in the car, and we took to the streets and we were just asking people if they could support us. “

The girls took different walks past the stores and packed two full trucks on Tuesday for the town of Hempstead.

Hearing about the lives of these destroyed people and the natural disasters and homes that were no longer there touched the hearts of some girls even more.

“I can’t imagine,” Olivia added. “There are girls like me. Older, younger, toddler, newborn boys. Their entire lives have been turned upside down and I was like I can do anything to make their life a little better, so I want to do it. “

The girls also feel that they have made their fellow Scouts proud of their generosity and their state of mind.

“We come together as a unit of service – and all of them trying to make an impact have really shown the unit,” said another girl. “Yes, bad things happen, but people come together and take a negative and make a positive.

One of the things in the Girl Scout Act is to help others when help is needed and to make the world a better place.


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