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Spice surprises sister with baby shower, gender reveal party – DancehallMag


The now Grammy-nominated Queen of Dancehall Spice has proven to be the ‘Queen of Surprises’ too after recently hosting a double celebration for baby sister Fenise Hamilton with a baby shower and gender reveal party.

Spice shared the emotional moment on Instagram when an upset Fenise realized her older sister had secretly arrived from Atlanta to surprise her in the garden.

In the short video clip, Fenise is seen sobbing uncontrollably and hugging Spice, causing the QOD to turn on the aqueduct as well. Laughing, Spice said, “Look how you make me cry ah,” to her brother as she wiped the tears away from the mom-to-be.

Spice said it was difficult trying to surprise Fenise, especially on the day of the event, as she kept calling him throughout the day. “Mi sey, you just surprised loudly, you just called my phone. Mi sey, she just called me suh! SURPRISE! ”She said as Fenise continued to hug her.

On the IG post, Spice wrote: “My little sister @fenisehamilton is expecting her first child with @dre_elli_richforever and I told her I was extremely busy and couldn’t make it to Jamaica. . “

Spice then revealed how she pulled off the big surprise with the help of two friends.

“She had a photoshoot in the backyard and I secretly rented another section in the same location and planned a baby shower and gender reveal for her and that’s what happened when she m ‘saw Thank you JANEL and RUTHAN for helping me succeed who guesses which baby we’re going to have? “

The big gesture and touching display between the two grabbed the attention of viewers online. Dancehall artist CeCile said: “Cho say niceeee eee. congratulations Fenise from me, I know Grace, you are always by her side… so congratulations to both of you. I love that. “

While others like Tami Chin replied, “It’s so beautiful. Nothing in the world like a sister “and Lisa Hanna added:” It’s so beautiful and selfless . “

Spice was revealed to be a surprise party planner, also recently when she surprised her son Nicho at his 14th birthday party and asked the Dancehall Jada Kingdom bombshell to cut the cake and later plant him a ” impromptu chups on his cheek.

Christmas mornings at Spice’s house aren’t a joke either, as she always goes above and beyond to completely amaze her children as they unwrap their presents.

In 2020, the QOD also surprised its sister with a new car on her birthday.

“I love you sister, we grew head and tail sleeping on a bed together, we struggled together, cried together, we fought against each other and we will definitely share our success together,” Spice wrote. at the time.

Fenise Hamilton recently got married and is expecting her first child with her new husband. Spice also attended their engagement announcement in January.

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