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Southeast Health’s Breastmilk Depot Needs Donations


DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – After major supply chain issues at infant formula factories, many mothers have been forced to resort to breastfeeding, but it’s not always an easy task for everyone.

“Not all women are able to breastfeed,” said Wendy Reynolds, senior RNC/NIC NICU supervisor at Southeast Health.

That’s where donations for the Mother’s Milk Bank of Alabama come in to help hospitals across the state.

The Mother’s Milk Bank of Alabama is a nonprofit organization that provides food to needy, sick, or premature babies.

Southeastern Health Medical Center is a Wiregrass drop off location that is in need of donations.

The hospital received several donations when the shortage of infant formula began.

“It was in the first few weeks, and now it’s gone down,” said Marie Johnson, an RN International-certified lactation consultant at Southeast Health. “We would like to have more gifts for our moms.”

The need for donations is great, once again.

“It’s never lost though,” Reynolds said. “There is always a shortage and there is always a need.”

This breast milk is used in many ways at NICU hospitals.

“We’re offering this as an option for our full-term babies who are in the nursery, for mothers who want to exclusively breastfeed, but have issues with their supply,” Reynolds said. “So we are able to provide that donor milk.”

It is also used for premature babies at Southeastern Health Medical Center, helping mothers make the transition.

“To help bridge the gap as our NICU mothers work to build up their supply,” Reynolds said. “We have donor milk so we can feed their babies.”

Johnson said breast milk also acts as a good tool for preventing diseases in infants, like NEC.

“That’s one of the main reasons we use it, and NEC is what’s called necrosis and enterocolitis, and that’s basically where the colon can actually die and perforate, and the breast milk protects the colon from this because of the white blood cells in the breast milk,” Johnson said.

Mothers wishing to donate can simply contact the Mother’s Milk Bank of Alabama.

The laboratories will then be drawn by lot and once they are authorized for infectious diseases and certain drugs, they will be assigned a number.

“When they clear customs, they’ll bring the breast milk to us and we’ll take care of the shipping,” Johnson said.

This process may take a few weeks. After the donation, the milk is sent to Birmingham to be pasteurized and the milk is then purchased by Southeast Health and brought back here to Wiregrass.

Click here to contact the Mother’s Milk Bank of Alabama. LINK: https://www.mmbal.org/contact

Potential donors can also contact the Southeastern Health Lactation Office: (334) 673-4141

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