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Roanoke police get over 40 calls about ‘Splat R ball’ in one week


ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – Roanoke City Police Department warns the community about incidents involving Splat R Ball pistols, also known as “Orbeez”.

The department received more than 40 calls about splatter bullets last week. Callers reported children shooting toy guns at people and cars. Roanoke City Police Department field training officer Christian Madera says their misuse could have consequences.

“It starts with a few kids shooting back and forth, then they start moving towards targets close to innocent bystanders, shooting at them,” Madera said. “That’s when we get service calls about it.”

Now officers say they are trying to warn parents and get ahead of the game.

“We advise parents to let children know where and how they can use it. It’s good to play with friends and family,” Madera added. “Either in front of their house or where they are. But just to not start pointing it out to other people who aren’t involved.

According to the police, misuse of these toys could lead to charges.

“They can be charged with assault, which is a misdemeanor. If they drive while shooting at vehicles, they can be charged with reckless driving,” Madera explained. “And if they shoot at cars that are not parked and moving, they can be charged with firing missiles at a moving vehicle, which is a felony.”

Officials said the incidents originated primarily in the downtown Roanoke neighborhood but spread to other areas of the city. Earlier this week, the Danville Police Department released a similar statement.

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