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Pro-life activists offer $25,000 for information on DC Abortion Doctor | National Catholic Registry


Pro-life groups have long expressed concerns about Santangelo, an OBGYN and abortionist in the District of Columbia.

WASHINGTON — Pro-life activists on Wednesday offered a $25,000 reward to anyone who provides information about illegal activities of Washington, DC abortionist Dr. Cesare Santangelo.

The offer comes a month after activists associated with the anti-abortion group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) claimed to have discovered the remains of 115 aborted babies outside the facility operated by Santangelo.

Five of the babies, who appear to be in late gestation, were located by the Metropolitan Police Department on March 30. PAAU says he arranged for DC police to pick up and examine the babies, fearing the babies’ injuries would be evidence. illegal abortions.

More than a dozen PAAU activists gathered outside the Washington Surgi-Clinic in Santangelo to announce the award on May 4. They called for a full investigation of the remains – and of Santangelo.

Abortion rights supporters clash with PAAU activists outside the Washington Surgi-Clinic in Washington, DC on May 4, 2022. Katie Yoder/CNA

“He is a mass murderer and he must be held to account,” PAAU founder Teresa Bukovinac said at the rally. “It is absolutely essential that a whistleblower who works in his clinic today or who has worked in his clinic before, comes forward to stand up for these children.”

“It’s the Gosnell of DC,” she added, referring to Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of murdering three babies born alive in 2013.

Pro-life groups have long expressed concerns about Santangelo, an OBGYN and abortionist in the District of Columbia. In 2013, pro-life group Live Action released a secret video checked in in which Santangelo says he would allow a child who survived an attempted abortion to die if the child was born during the procedure.

At the rally, Bukovinac and other activists, such as Randall Terry, who served as a PAAU spokesperson, attempted to deliver a letter to clinic workers. A slew of reporters and police followed them inside the office building where the abortion clinic is located.

Terry slipped a notice of the reward under the locked door of the Washington Surgi-Clinic.

“We are offering $25,000 to any Cesare Santangelo staff member who testifies under oath about the crimes he has committed,” the letter reads. It details two examples of reportable activity: “examples of babies being killed after live birth or partial abortions” and “examples of medical waste company fraud.”

“If you have witnessed, participated in, or been a victim of illegal activities taking place at the Washington Surgi-Center, you may be eligible for a $25,000 reward,” the letter reads. “The truth always comes out and you can be part of it.”

Bukovinac and fellow PAAU member Lauren Handy first told reporters on April 5 that they got the 115 aborted babies from a driver at a medical waste company outside Washington Surgi- Clinic, with the intention of giving unborn children a dignified funeral and burial.

The medical waste company, Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services, denies the interaction took place. In a statement, the company, which operates a medical waste incinerator in Baltimore, also said its policy does not allow for the disposal of fetal remains.

While DC police previously said all five babies were aborted according to DC law, pro-life leaders fear the abortions may have violated federal law against killing babies outside the womb.

Since the discovery of the five babies’ remains, lawmakers have sent several letters and pro-life groups have held rallies calling for a full investigation and autopsies of the babies’ bodies.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser gave no indication the city intended to autopsy the remains. Instead of addressing concerns about the abortionist, she suggested that Handy may have violated federal law.

Handy, along with eight others, was charged on March 30 for an incident unrelated to the discovery of the babies. The Justice Department has charged her and eight others with conspiring to violate rights and violating the Clinic Entrances Freedom of Access Act after a protest they staged in Washington. Surgi-Clinic in 2020. Handy pleaded not guilty.

Handy was not present at Wednesday’s rally due to her federal case, Bukovinac said.

During the event, pro-life activists took turns speaking at a podium and holding images of the five, as a crowd gathered to watch. A few young women, some of whom identified themselves as students from George Washington University, attempted to interfere with the event.

At one point, some shouted, “Abortion is health,” to which UPAU members shouted, “Abortion is murder!”

Towards the end, pro-abortion supporters tried to erase the chalk messages that pro-life activists left on the sidewalk with water, and by rubbing them with their shoes.

Bukovinac said she wants pro-lifers to participate in “non-violent direct action” to fight abortion.

“Yes, it’s scary. Yes, there are risks. Your life changes because of it. But these babies are being killed,” she told CNA. “And if we say we want justice for them, then we have to be prepared to come out and actively put our bodies between the oppressor and the oppressed. And the oppressor is Cesare Santangelo.

She concluded: “We need a gathering of life defenders here every day until Santangelo is held accountable.”

CNA contacted the Washington Surgi-Clinic several times for comment and received no response.