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Money Movements: Bucks County-based Astarte Medical Raises $ 7.6 Million


Based in Bucks County Astarte Medical, creator of NICUTrition, a suite of digital and diagnostic tools that support feeding protocols, practice, and decision-making in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) for premature babies, raised $ 7.6 million .

The company was at the top of our RealLIST 2020 startup list and has already raised $ 8.5 million. This $ 7.6 million is considered an increase of 1 and investors understand Viking Global Investors LP, Lunsford Capital, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, OCA Ventures, Next Act Fund, Capita3, Leatherneck Ventures, and Social business circle.

“We were excited to double the size of the team at the start of 2020 and then the pandemic hit. Selling our NICUtrition solution to hospitals was a challenge as they were all laser focused on COVID-19, but we are now seeing movement from our hospital customers and are optimistic for the rest of 2020, ”Co-Founder Tammi Jantzen told us last year. “Additionally, we have completed the analysis of our NICUbiome dataset and plan to introduce the solution by the end of the year. “

This cycle will focus on scaling up the NICUtrition technology and its sales, the company said in a statement. Wendy slatery, a seasoned sales manager and CCO at Aspect imaging, will join the company’s board of directors.

“While early stage investors have focused on the ability of technology to put more in the hands of clinicians for the well-being of patients, we can hardly imagine a more lasting impact than that of the lives of babies in the world. the NICU, ”said Jennifer hartt, the managing director of BFTP’s health investment group said in a statement. “As an investor who is also a mother who has had a premature baby in the NICU before, I understand what it means to have a fragile baby who will hopefully grow up to eat just like a meal.”


Main factor, an e-commerce company that buys and builds direct-to-consumer selling businesses, announced it has raised $ 69 million in seed capital and a credit facility led by Superior90.

The nearly two-year-old company was co-founded by Mike Fieback, Meredith Franzese and Jamie ross, with experience in the e-commerce and entertainment industries. They plan to use this capital to acquire direct-to-consumer businesses and grow them through digital marketing and collaborations with creators and artists.

Mainfactor will also acquire direct-to-consumer and artist merchandise rights and brand acquisitions. He plans to develop technology that will allow entrepreneurs to receive reviews and quickly exit their e-commerce businesses.

“We believe in the power of e-commerce brands with a dedicated audience and the acceleration that experienced operations, creative collaborations and digital marketing can bring to these businesses,” said Fiebach, CEO of Mainfactor, in a statement. “We are excited to partner with Upper90, a global leader in e-commerce investments, to create a next-generation direct-to-consumer platform that grows brands while generating new revenue streams for creators and artists. . “


Car wash industry-focused subscription management software platform EverWash announced Thursday that it has entered into a $ 5million debt deal with Flux Capital Group, a spokesperson told Technical.ly.

This is the company’s first fundraiser, the spokesperson said, outside of funding friends and professionals in the cash washing industry in 2016. This capital will be used for help develop the business and capitalize on growth opportunities. The company welcomed a new CTO at the end of 2019, Jamie pritz, who leads his DevOps team.

“My goal is to ensure that the EverWash platform is able to scale to support millions of users,” Pritz said in a statement at the time. “Creating new features in the mobile app, such as targeted promotions, more in-app communications and robust analytics tools, will help us achieve this goal. “

The company provides a mobile platform for subscribers and an end-to-end solution for car wash operators. Its team currently has around 40 full-time employees.


Ten small businesses in Philadelphia were recipients of the Quest grant for job creators, created to help various businesses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey retain and grow their workforce in underserved communities, National Support for Small Business Nonprofit The founders first announced Thursday.

To agree recipients receive a cash scholarship, full tuition fees at a Founders First of all growth accelerator program and membership of the Founders First of all Platform. The Philadelphia recipients are:

  • Pharmaceutical solutions
  • TWEE
  • The greatest kneading
  • Note Glass
  • Life Cake
  • Film productions
  • Kingdom Builders and industrial maintenance
  • Mathematical foundations
  • Tree of peace
  • Prelude



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