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Momma Dee, Lil Scrappy’s mom, claims they don’t talk anymore


Momma Dee has called wife Bambi ‘insecure’ after reuniting with Scrappy’s ex-girlfriend Shay Johnson at her baby shower.

the love and hip hop The drama involving Lil Scrappy, his mother Momma Dee, his wife Bambi Richardson and his ex-girlfriend Shay Johnson has been given new life on social media. Reality TV fans have seen Scrappy go through several relationships during his tenure with VH1’s hit series, and although his mother disagreed with nearly every one of his picks, she was pretty close with Shay. These days, Scrappy is enjoying her growing family with Bambi and Shay is currently pregnant as she also continues to build a new life for herself.

A recent video showed Momma Dee and Shay getting together at what appeared to be Shay’s baby shower and one user said it was “disrespectful” to Bambi. Momma Dee didn’t hold back in her response.

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“I am for who for me,” replied Momma Dee. “I never heard bam make fun of what I ate. Send me flowers for my birthday. Give me a greeting card. and I’m not even talking because of his insecurity, c ‘is finished.”

Over a season of Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion, Scrappy and Bambi revealed that they had problems in their marriage and even had discussions about the breakup. They decided to weather the recession, but Momma Dee made it clear there was a lot more going on than people thought. Check it out below.