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Mary Elizabeth Winstead improvised a Sky High sequel and we have to see it


It’s been just over 15 years since the release of Sky high – we already need a sequel!

Movie stars Michel Angarano as Will Stronghold, the son of the two most famous superheroes, The Commander (Kurt russel) and Jetstream (Kelly preston). Will has just started his very first year at Sky High, a superhero high school, and the pressure is, well, very high to be up to everyone’s exceptions. Problem is, Will hasn’t manifested his powers yet, so he can’t impress his parents or school crush, Mary elizabeth winsteadIt’s Gwen Grayson.

Michael Angarano and Kurt Russell in Sky High

Image via Disney

Since superhero movies are one of the most popular types of movies, the basic principle of Sky high, a high school for superheroes and sidekicks, is more than enough to warrant another go-around. On top of that, Sky highhas built up a cult following that still aligns with the characters featured in the 2005 original. As much as I’d love to see what life is like for Will and his friends 15, 20 years later, the character of Winstead could become a star of the particularly interesting sequel.

In a deliciously crazy Sky high twist, it is revealed that Gwen Grayson is actually the super villain Royal Pain who wields “The Pacifier,” a weapon that turns victims into babies. At the end of the movie, Will and his friends manage to defeat Royal Pain, but every defeated villain must take revenge (over and over again), right? This is the idea we drove with Collider Ladies Night! Watch the video at the top of this article to find out what Winstead thinks Royal Pain could be up to right now and which characters from his other films should be in the mix.

Royal Pain in Sky High

Image via Disney

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On top of that, Winstead also took a moment to revisit the Sky high experience and identify one of his greatest takeaways. The movie marked one of Winstead’s very first major films and all of a sudden she’s on set with heavyweights like Russell, Preston, Bruce campbell and more. So, of all these industry veterans, who impressed her the most as a rising star?

“I wasn’t in the scene, but I came to watch Cloris Leachman make her appearance in the movie where she played the school nurse. She was so funny and it was all improvising her stuff. She was just a bang after a bang of funny, funny, funny ideas and I never really thought about improvising before that. It wasn’t even something that was in my wheelhouse, and I remember being so inspired by her ability to think on the fly and keep up with the pace and the confidence to be able to do it, it really hit me. inspired. So it’s not something that I really started doing for years and years and years, or that I was really confident to do. [laughs], but I was like, she’s a hero. I totally fell in love with her watching her do this.

Michael Angarano and Cloris Leachman in Sky High

Image via Disney

Looking for more Winstead? We’ve got you covered in this department! You can listen to our Ladies Night uncut conversation podcast below to hear her experience working on Proof of death, Birds of prey, Kate and more!

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