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Lycoming Township parents face felony charges | News, Sports, Jobs


When county narcotics unit investigators raided the Lycoming Township mobile home of Jeffrey Howlett and Lindy Beck at 1970 Beech St., A29 last week, they discovered conditions of lives that were simply “deplorable and dangerous”, according to Old Lycoming Township Police Sgt. Christopher Kriner. The couple live in the house with their five minor children, he said.

One of the children’s bedrooms “was littered with toys and trash on the floor which made it impossible to move around the room”, Kriner said in an affidavit. “There was a soiled mattress on the floor, right next to an exposed electrical outlet without a protective faceplate,” Kriner said, adding that next to the mattress was “a baseboard heater with live wiring exposed.”

In a playroom, where two of the children were sleeping, investigators found “presumption of methamphetamine on a glass plate” as well as suspected fentanyl “inside an unsecured wooden box on a computer desk where video game controls were located”, Kriner said.

Throughout the living room, there was garbage and animal droppings on the floor, Kriner said, adding that in the kitchen were bags. “containing rotten rubbish and dirty diapers on the floor.”

In the court document, Kriner said there was “piles of dirty laundry all over the trailer.” There was an exposed electrical outlet in the bathroom as well as an exposed electrical circuit breaker in the master bedroom, creating “a serious risk of electrocution as well as a risk of fire”, Kriner added.

The county’s Department of Children and Youth took emergency protective custody of the children after the April 14 raid. Last month, the department ordered the couple to clean the trailer, Kriner said.

“Howlett and Beck allowed unsafe and unsanitary conditions to exist in their home that endangered their five children, even after repeated directions from authorities to clean the place,” he added.

Howlett, 34, and Beck, 30, were arraigned Thursday before District Judge William Solomon on five counts of endangering the welfare of children. Howlett was jailed in Lycoming County Jail in lieu of $75,000 bail while Beck was released on the same amount.

The search warrant that the narcotics unit filed to search the house has been sealed and is not available to the public.

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