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Little Legends Toy Drive for Brisbane Children’s Hospital Oncology Unit



Skyler, Scott, Gemma and Tilly are hoping you can donate to their Little Legends Toy Drive. Photo provided.

Parents of a boy with brain cancer are organizing a Little Legends toy drive in July for children with cancer at Brisbane Children’s Hospital.

Gemma and Scott Levy’s son, Skyler, was only three years old when he was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer – medulloblastoma.

During the sometimes painful treatment, Skyler was able to access the hospital’s Bravery Box, a toy bank where children can choose something after a difficult procedure or a bad day.

Gemma says the Bravery Box was a huge morale booster as she spent day after day confined to the four walls of the hospital room, as well as undergoing gruesome procedures. “It was very exciting for Skyler to choose a special toy. These moments were so necessary for Skyler and for us. In a children’s hospital, these times can help you get through your toughest days.

With the help of Ally Strain from Byron Bay-based Project The Kindness, the couple’s mission is to donate 200 toys to the oncology unit at Brisbane Children’s Hospital, where all the little legends of Northern Rivers must go for treatment.

Toy ideas for kids ages three months to 18 include: LEGO, puzzles, card games, crafts, playdoh, nail polish, cars, trucks, plush toys, and gift cards and vouchers, in especially for teenagers.

All gifts must be new and unopened – but not wrapped – and can be dropped off at Legend Pizza at 1/96 Jonson Street, Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. during the month of July.



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