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Lake Pajamas Revew – Why We Love the Lake Pima Cotton Pajama Set


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I’ve always thought that the best gifts are the little luxuries that a person would never buy for themselves: a really nice tin of olive oil, a moisturizer for the hands, an overpriced candle, or, my favorite, a super soft pair of pajamas and Lake’s pima cotton sets, although a bit pricey, are the the sweetest. Tucked away in one of the brand’s iconic navy boxes, they would make a perfect gift for your mom, sister, best friend who just had a baby, or, let’s be honest, yourself, if you’re shopping for one. tome, of me indulgence. (We will not judge.)

Pima Short-Long Set in Hydrangea

Now, the sexy lingerie that these pajamas are decidedly not, but the styles from the Savannah-based company are chunky and shapely without feeling heavy, and they come in cute prints like stripes and flowers in a variety of colors. nuances. Basically, these are the kind of jammies that you wouldn’t feel embarrassed about opening the door.

Depending on whether you are running hot or cold, there are options with long and short sleeves, pants and shorts. So go ahead and definitely ditch those seedy college t-shirts and boxers and invest in a pajama set that looks a little closer together, yet is the most comfy set in your dresser.

But be careful when choosing your size, they may shrink in the wash. To give the brand some credit, they recommend washing in cold water on gentle cycle and lay flat to dry, but let’s be honest, who has time for that?

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