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KZN women host provincial baby shower for MaShelembe, after emotional episode of “Mnakwethu”


DURBAN: A group of women gathered to host a baby shower for Makhosazana “MaShelembe” Shelembe, whose story captured Mzansi’s heart, earlier this week.

In Tuesday’s episode of Mnakwethu, a show where men are helped to introduce the idea of ​​polygymy to their wives, Bheki Langa revealed to MaShelembe that he has a mistress.

He further told her that he had already paid the lobola for Hlengiwe “MaSithole” Sithole and that she was pregnant.

Viewers were shocked at MaSithole’s attitude and questioned his understanding of the process. They were even more moved when MaShelembe became emotional and wondered how he could afford to care for another family when they were in financial difficulty.

MaShelembe refused to meet her husband’s mistress.

MaShelembe’s fate touched the heart of former journalist and social activist Ncumisa Ndelu, who contacted MaShelembe to organize a spa day.

“But when I found out she was pregnant and due to arrive in November, the plans quickly changed,” she said.

Ndelu said one by one, the Good Samaritans started contacting her and, before she knew it, a weekend of treats, including a provincial baby shower, on Sunday, September 26, was planned.

“My intention isn’t to get her out of her relationship, that’s none of my business. It’s about saying, ‘I see you woman. I heard you woman. I love you woman. And the response from everyone has been overwhelming, ”she said.

MaShelembe is expected to arrive in Durban (from Nqutu, just outside Dundee, in KZN) on Friday.

“She will be picked up and brought to Durban in a sponsored Mercedes-Benz G Wagon. She will need to relax after a full day of travel, and on Saturday she will be whisked away for a day at the spa. Generous donors also organized a full day of treatment, and she will also get her hair done and handled, ”Ndelu said.

On Sunday, the baby shower will take place at the Durban Botanic Gardens, but strict Covid-19 safety protocols will be observed. Ndelu added that there will be a small group that will stay for the baby shower.

She said flowers, decoration, photographs and two cakes were all provided – free of charge. Ndelu explained that there will also be a drive-by site, for people to drop off gifts.

“There are even people who have donated baby products,” she said.

Ndelu said an owner of a Durban guesthouse offered a room for the weekend at no cost.

Ndelu said it shows that a person doesn’t need a mansion or a million dollars to make a difference in someone’s life.

She added that the outpouring of love has been overwhelming and is a real testament to how women can come together to support each other.

MaShelembe’s baby is due in November. He was also offered a job on TikTok.



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