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Kylie Jenner Wears Custom Coperni on Her First Post-Baby Number Two Red Carpet


Kylie Jenner knows how to make a statement. When the beauty mogul didn’t make it to the premiere on time The Kardashians Thursday night, many assumed she had pulled out of the event. She had missed much of the family’s promotional tour before the new show. Instead, however, Jenner was just fashionably late, which meant that when she finally arrived, all eyes were on her and her custom white latex dress. And while being late meant she wasn’t able to take pictures with her sisters, Jenner shared some snaps afterwards to really show off her red carpet look.

The evening represented a significant moment for Jenner. Not only because it was the premiere of her family’s new reality show, but it was also her first red carpet appearance since welcoming her second child with Travis Scott in February. At the event, Jenner didn’t shy away from showing off her postpartum body, opting to match her sister, Kim Kardashian, in a skintight latex dress. While Kardashian’s look was designed by the late Thierry Mugler, however, Jenner’s was a custom Coperni piece based on a pink dress from the brand’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, which Gigi Hadid modeled on the runway. The dress featured two slits on the bottom and another on her chest, showcasing a bodice adorned with latex rosettes, one of which rested on her shoulder next to the boat neckline. When it comes to style, Jenner kept things pretty simple, pulling her hair back to show off diamond earrings and wearing a pair of matching white latex boots, a custom design by Amina Muaddi and Coperni.

Jenner has clearly been on a Coperni kick lately, as the first look comes just a day after the mother-of-two wore two other designs from the relatively young Parisian brand. On Wednesday, Jenner unveiled the glass Swipe bag, the hottest accessory of the season, largely due to its unique choice of materials and unexpected functionality. While the bag would also have matched her red carpet look — and Hadid wore it while modeling the dress originally — Jenner isn’t exactly one to wear anything twice, in especially a bag as memorable as the Horned Swipe. She’s clearly not afraid to pull from the same collection, as Jenner later joined her sister, Kendall, to attend a Phoenix Suns game, where she wore a jumpsuit and cargo boots from the same fall/winter show.

Coperni’s onslaught begs the question: Is Jenner following in her sister’s footsteps and becoming a one-brand woman like Kardashian recently did with Balenciaga? Although it would be fun to see co-founders Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant get the press that would undoubtedly come if Jenner only started wearing the label, and Jenner might sprinkle more Coperni into her wardrobe at the moment. future, it seems unlikely that she would save herself for just one brand. But hey, she’s clearly a fan, so you never really know.

Dominique Charriau/WireImage