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Iredell County Partnership for Young Children Launches Pantry | Local News


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The need for diapers is a silent crisis in the United States. And September 27-Oct. 3 has been designated National Diaper Awareness Week. The week draws attention to the issue of diaper needs faced by families with young children.

Diapers are as essential to the healthy development of a baby as the love of the caregiver. Keeping infants and toddlers clean, dry and healthy is essential to building a strong foundation for all children to thrive and reach their full potential. Yet one in three families struggle to afford an adequate supply of diapers. And that was before the pandemic. As COVID-19 continues to disrupt lives, more families find themselves vulnerable and in need of basic supplies like diapers and baby wipes.

When parents don’t have enough diapers, they lengthen the time between changes, try to clean and reuse soiled diapers, and improvise with diaper supplies like paper towels or napkins that can be abrasive on. sensitive skin of children. These makeshift options mean children sit in dirty or wet diapers longer than they should, making them prone to emotional and physical consequences like irritation, discomfort, persistent crying, diaper rash. and even more serious problems like secondary urinary tract and skin infections. And caregivers suffer from mental anguish as they make choices between buying diapers or food, paying rent, or buying medicine.

In response to this growing need, the Iredell County Partnership for Young Children (ICPYC) is launching the Pampered Pantry, a pantry to help struggling families secure the basic need for clean, dry diapers for their children.


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