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How To Take Care Of Baby Clothes – Care Tips For Parents



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The bacteria will pose a risk to vulnerable people such as infants. Babies have weaker resistance and immunity, they are more likely to get sick. Parents should try to keep their babies’ body and clothes clean. Especially for baby’s clothes next to the skin. The basic purpose of cleaning is to reduce the breeding conditions for harmful bacteria and reduce the risk of disease. This way babies can have healthy development.

Some parents may be curious about washing or putting away baby’s clothes. Today’s article will offer parents some helpful tips for caring for baby clothes.

1. How to wash babys Clothing?

1.1 Preparation before washing

First, separate the clothes by colors. Because dark clothes can bleed or stain light clothes. And don’t wash baby’s clothes with hard, rough things that might destroy the clothes.

Baby clothes are like babies which are delicate, soft. People generally need to choose a mild, green detergent for washing. Healthy detergent can not only protect baby’s clothes, but also can protect babies sensitive skin.

Before washing, it is best to adjust the water temperature to 30 degrees Celsius. Washing at high temperature can damage clothes.

At the same time, Kaiya Angel also suggests not using bleach. On the one hand, bleach can cause white clothes to turn yellow. On the other hand, there are chemicals in bleach that can cause skin allergies.

For other baby accessories, like baby socks, baby mittens, etc. People may consider putting them in a mesh laundry bag to avoid missing them.

1.2 Washing baby’s clothes

Check and follow the directions on the fabric care label. And then wash the clothes slowly, gently. Baby clothes can be hand washed or machine washed. But do not dry clean.

1.3 After washing

After washing, it is suggested to hang baby clothes or tumble dry them in low heat machine.

2. How to store baby’s clothes?

Anywhere people store baby clothes, the area should be cool, clean, and dry. During this time, parents should note that clothes get moldy in humid weather.

Be careful when ironing. The maximum temperature of the lower ironing plate is 110 degrees Celsius.

3. Where to buy the perfect baby clothes?

Kaiya Angel is an experienced baby clothing company that strives to provide all babies with high quality baby products and personalized name service. Below are some typical baby clothes in store, anyone can check the references:


There are three different colors of this baby long sleeve romper: whisper green, seashell, cameo pink. The Rompers in Whisper Green and Shell are made from 100% cotton which is excellent in softness, permeability and keeping warm. The pink cameo rompers are made of Pima cotton, a kind of “Noble Cotton”.

1.0 TOG is lightweight for babies. Babies can feel relaxed and comfortable sleeping in this sleeping bag. The split leg is designed for babies to learn to stand and walk easily. The size range of this sleeping bag is wide, babies from 3 months to 24 months can all wear it.


This long sleeve romper is made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The fabric made from the cotton plant is soft, cozy and comfortable. Cotton clothes do not need to use fabric softeners to stay soft and they are anti-static. Buttons and snaps are at the top and bottom. People can easily put on and take off the rompers. It is also convenient for a diaper change.

The split-leg design gives babies more freedom to exercise their legs. Reasonable exercise is good for the physical development of babies.

For more information, please see the Kaiya Angel blog.

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