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Heath Police warn teenagers not to use toy guns in school prank


The Department of Public Health said there were two incidents on Monday when teenagers publicly used toy guns that appeared to be real.

HEATH, Ohio — The Heath Police Department is asking parents to be on the lookout for realistic toy guns that children use in public.

“Whoever called, they thought they had been shot with a gun,” said Sgt. Craig Black. “It’s a new twist on the old game.”

sergeant. Black said he encountered two instances of children shooting toy guns from cars. In one, neighbors spotted vehicles blocking another vehicle and spraying it. In the other case, teenagers inside a vehicle were driving while spraying parked vehicles.

“It’s a ‘senior tag’ type game, which I understand seniors always have a prank on, so even if sometimes they go a little overboard and innocent people get caught,” Black said.

Heath Police said the first time they encountered this exact ‘prank’ was on Monday, which also marked the start of the city’s school district’s spring break.

“These are toy guns, however, some of them have plastic and dip coating to make them look realistic,” said Sgt. Black.

The department was able to locate and speak to the teenagers involved in both cases.

“The big concern is that they take one of these guns and point at somebody who might have a concealed carry or might be armed,” the sergeant said. says Black.

No one was injured and no property was damaged in either incident.

Those affected could have lodged a complaint, but Heath Police said they were not pressing charges against the teenagers.

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