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Frisco fourth grade codes app for kids


From an early age, children are told to learn to share, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Ten-year-old Saliha Abbas, a fourth-grade student at Jim Spradley Elementary School in Frisco, has designed an app that will allow children and families to swap and donate toys they no longer need.

NBCDFW recently covered the application created by ten-year-old Saliha Abbas, who shared why she wanted to turn her idea into reality through this opportunity.

“One of the biggest problems on earth is that people don’t recycle, reuse or reduce things,” Abbas told NBCDFW. “Some kids have a lot of toys and some really have less, so we can share them and reduce the amount of toy waste.”

A competition was organized by BYJU’S FutureSchool, an online school with an activity-based curriculum for students in grades 1-12, and offers music, math, and coding lessons for students. She signed up for BYJU’S during the pandemic to use her free time in valuable and creative ways.

Abbas’ enrollment in BYJU’S helped her create the app called Toy Share. Her dedication and hard work paid off and she became a finalist in the coding contest.

Abbas’ idea for the app would be to create a new place for toys that have outgrown or are no longer needed and expand their value and use to other children. Her hope is to continue using her creativity as a digital artist.

Plastic toys have a significant impact on the waste produced and, according to Green Questions, 40 tons of plastic are used in the toy industry for every million dollars in revenue. Ninety percent of toys are made from plastic, and those old toys have to end up somewhere.

Abbas is proof that children’s creativity and imagination can be transformed into something that not only helps others, but inspires future generations to give to others.