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Former Harper’s Bazaar editor Joyann King launches swim line – WWD


“It all started with a pool party,” Joyann King said of her decision to launch lingerie-inspired, solutions-based swimwear brand Stylest.

“There’s this gorgeous, stylish woman in the pool and she’s wearing this amazing swimsuit and our friend is like, ‘Honey, your bra is sticking out of your swimsuit.’ I stopped dead and said, “Wait a minute, you’re wearing a bra under your swimsuit,” and she was like, “Oh yeah, that’s been my secret for 10 years. She said, “Since having my kids, it’s given me the lifted look I wanted and helped me feel super confident in my swimwear,” King continued.

“At the time, I had a baby a few years ago and I was sitting there in this stupid black bathing suit that cost $500 and it didn’t really do me any favors or reflect my style. I thought that was an amazing idea – the idea of ​​wearing a bra under your bathing suit so you have the freedom to wear any costume you want.

Eighteen months later, King stepped down as executive director of editorial business development for Town & Country and Elle Decor (before that, she was Harper’s Bazaar’s longtime digital director and thought she had at one point been a candidate to succeed former editor-in-chief Glenda Bailey) and launches Stylest on Thursday with two co-founders, Alia Yahia-Bosworth and Chrissy McCurdy.

Yahia-Bosworth got her start in fashion as a style editor for Vanity Fair and Elle, before becoming chief style and marketing director at Ann Taylor Loft. McCurdy, meanwhile, spent a decade on the women’s buying team at Ralph Lauren, before joining Saks Fifth Avenue to buy women’s luxury collections. Most recently, she was a senior account executive at Komar, a sleepwear and underwear manufacturer. She was also the woman who wore the bra under her bathing suit at the pool party.

“After I had my son, I put on a bra to give me confidence in swimwear, it was my hidden secret. I was at that point in my life where I didn’t go to the grocery store without a bra, so why wouldn’t I wear one by the pool? Stylest swim bras are designed specifically for water and designed to go under bathing suits. Our construction has a muscle support that helps lift and shape the bust so you can chase after your kids and still look great,” McCurdy said.

Stylest’s aqualingerie takes the form of shapewear and the function of lingerie to create a foundational layer to wear under your bathing suit or even on its own. Pieces include the six-way convertible bra that goes with all of fashion’s best-selling one-pieces and the fully reinforced body shaper for the all-in-one solution. Then there’s the brand’s collection of high-compression swimwear, designed to be worn over aqua lingerie, as well as stylish pieces such as an SPF-compatible swim cardigan.

The brand, which has been funded by angel investment, will launch direct to consumer, but King added that wholesale is on the horizon, as is the opportunity to branch out into other categories.

“As we start in swimwear and are very focused on our bathing system, I think we see Stylest as a wardrobe revolution and we will continue to look for ways to simplify her wardrobe at through the systems lens,” she said.


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