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Family of teen killed in drive-thru pleads for justice – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth


The search continues for the people who shot and killed a 19-year-old at a fast food restaurant in Dallas.

Two days after the crime, his family begs his killers to come forward.

Dallas police say 19-year-old Zuri Goff was fatally shot outside of a Raising Cane Thursday night at the 8100 block of Hampton Road. Police say he was shot multiple times while sitting in the back seat of a car leaving the drive-thru.

Dallas Fire-Rescue took Goff to an area hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Police say the two suspected shooters, whose identities have not been confirmed, fled the restaurant on foot and remain at large as of this writing.

“Whoever did this, they must know they didn’t do this to Zuri.” They did this to Zuri’s family. I have to bury my baby. You did this to me,” Goff’s mother, Chi Ballard, told NBC 5 on Saturday.

Ballard goes through the unimaginable as she plans the funeral of a child she says has never left her.

“You would never think your child would go get something to eat from a drive-thru and not come home. You just can’t imagine,” she said.

The family said they had no idea who did this to her.

“I don’t know why they would have done this to him. He was coming back to life. But nothing he did was worth his life. He didn’t do anything worth his life,” Ballard said in tears.

Ballard Family

Looking back on his memories, Ballard said Goff was an avid football player in Duncanville High School – the type who would cheer for the underdog in school.

“His teachers were calling and saying what a leader he was. He was that kind of kid,” she said.

His mother remembers a time when his teacher told her that Goff had defended a student with special needs who was being bullied.

“Whenever they had a band project, Zuri would sit down with him and say, ‘I got you man. That’s the kind of person he was,” she recalled.

Goff leaves behind a one-year-old daughter.

Ballard Family

“Unfortunately, she will only know her father through the memories she gave away,” Ballard said. “But part of Zuri will live on through her daughter who now has to grow up without a father.”

Adding to the family’s grief, Goff’s grandfather had died in October. Her grandmother, Charlene Ballard, said he would always watch over her to make sure she was okay after losing her husband.

“I invited them in and offered them something to eat, but they came out looking for food instead,” she said. “I didn’t know that would be the last time I would see him.”

And just six months ago, Ballard said Goff’s best was killed at Deep Ellum by another gunfight. She said her friend’s mother had visited her since Goff’s death.

“And we have to lay our babies on senseless, senseless violence,” Ballard said.

“They are monsters here. As a community, we have to integrate it into all of this. We have to stop it,” Charlene added.

Ballard said she hoped her killers would hear what she had to say and surrender.

“I guess they’re as young as my son. With them doing violent things like that on the street – don’t make it your mum. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone,” she said. not fair to me. Think about what you do to the mothers of the people you have shot. I do not understand.

Goff’s family plans to hold his funeral in the coming days.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Kimberly Mayfield at 214-671-3646 or by email at [email protected]