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Coloradans ship bags of clothes to Ukrainian families


DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. — Coloradians have filled nearly 100 bags with clothing, shoes, backpacks and toys to ship to Ukrainians in need.

The donations were recently collected at the “Just Between Friends” event in Douglas County.

The organization – which bears the same name – holds a consignment event twice a year where local families can sell items their children have passed to other families at a discounted price.

“We understand that kids grow up fast which can be expensive, and twice a year we host an event where families can sell the things their kids have outgrown and other families can buy them for 50-90 % off retail price,” the event owner said. and coordinator, Deborah Freeman.

Freeman said she understands first-hand some of the challenges parents face when it comes to shopping for clothes for their children.

“I’m a mom of three girls and it’s hard to keep supporting them, especially when they’re growing up fast,” she said.

This year, the event made sure to focus on helping families affected by war in Ukraine.

More than 600 families participated in the mailing.

They also raised around $2,500 for local charity Joyful Journeys which recently helped victims of the Marshall Fire.

Freeman said she is grateful for helping local families in the Colorado area and reaching beyond.

“We wanted to use our collective power of moms helping moms locally and do a little part to help moms affected by all the issues that are happening in Ukraine,” Freeman said.