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Charlottesville sees snow Saturday just after spring temperatures


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) — Whether you prefer the heat or the snow, you’ve been in luck this week. There were highs of over 60 degrees and then lows of less than 30 degrees throughout the Charlottesville and Albemarle County area.

Kurtis Gazan and his son Lucian are taking advantage of this surprise snow to go out for a walk during their first winter in Charlottesville.

“We take advantage of it. We like to walk in the snow. It’s good,” said Kurtis Gazan.

Even though they loved it, the snow also caused them problems.

“I think mom had something that got canceled,” Lucian said, “There was a baby shower today that got canceled,” Kurtis said.

University of Virginia graduate Peter Macdonald says he just wants this winter season to be over, especially after tasting spring temperatures last week.

“I’m pretty much done with the winter, personally,” Macdonald said.

His friend from out of town says the cold reminds him of home.

“I live in Boston. So it’s not that bad for me,” Piper Loehrke said.

Still, Macdonald admits the snow in March isn’t so bad.

“It’s a very pretty scenic snow. Fortunately, it’s not like ruining your day by walking around,” Macdonald said.

This weekend leaves people like Logan Kidd yearning for warmer temperatures.

“I would so much rather be warm today,” Kidd said.

He says that this morning when he woke up he was surprised by how cold it was.

“I thought most of this had to be done last night and I woke up to the rain and it was disgusting. And then I saw him start going down like that. And, man, I’m freezing here,” Kidd said.

As an employee of the Men and Boy’s Shop, he saw bad weather keep more people indoors.

“It’s been a slow day for us here,” Kidd said.

Mother nature is anything but constant during the month of March.

“I thought you know where we had some spring weather last year or last week, we were definitely going to come back in a cold spell. So I was ready for that. But I didn’t expect that today,” Kidd said.

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