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‘Brilliant daddy’, 21, committed suicide minutes after dancing and playing with baby


The mother of a “brilliant father” who committed suicide minutes after playing and dancing with her six-month-old son called on others to ask how their male parents are doing.

Ricky Brand died aged 21 on July 7, 2019, weeks after two of his friends died, his mother Toni Brand said.

Mr Brand was pronounced dead by paramedics at 11:05 a.m. at his Park View home, Bargoed, after hanging himself in his bedroom.

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An inquest into the Newport Coroners’ Court on Wednesday learned how emergency services arrived at the scene quickly shortly before 10:30 a.m. after Mr Brand’s partner called the ambulance service and shot him dead . Despite considerable efforts to resuscitate Mr. Brand, paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

Pathologist Dr Ian Thompson said he found no evidence of external injury other than ligature marks and no evidence of third party involvement. He advised that the medical cause of death be recorded as 1a. asphyxia caused by 1b. suspended.

The surgery notes from Mr Brand’s GP confirmed that he started seeking help for anxiety and paranoia with surgery appointments in May and June 2019. The GP was clear that Mr Brand had attended in the hopes that he would be formally diagnosed with mental health. state.

Other notes confirmed that he had expressed suicidal feelings before, but said he was motivated to stay alive for the sake of his baby.

Although he refused to receive advice, he was scheduled to see a mental health nurse on the Northern Caerphilly Community Mental Health Team 12 days after his death.

As painful as these procedures are for those who have lost a loved one, the lessons that can be learned from investigations can go a long way in saving the lives of others.

The press has the legal right to attend investigations and is responsible for reporting on them as part of their duty to uphold the principle of open justice.

It is a journalist’s duty to make sure the public understands the reasons why someone died and to ensure that their death is not kept secret. An investigation report can also dispel any rumors or suspicions surrounding a person’s death.

But, more importantly, an investigative report can draw attention to circumstances that may prevent further deaths from occurring.

If journalists are reluctant to attend investigations, then an entire arm of the justice system is not held accountable.

Investigations can often spark a broader discussion of serious issues, the most recent of which are mental health and suicide.

Editors actively ask and encourage reporters to speak to the family and friends of someone under investigation. Their contributions help us create a clearer picture of the deceased and also provide an opportunity to pay tribute to their loved one.

Often families do not wish to speak to the press and of course this decision must be respected. However, as has been seen by many powerful media campaigns, the contribution of a person’s family and friends can make all the difference in helping save others.

Without the presence of the press at the inquiries, the questions will go unanswered and lives will be lost.

Gwent Senior Coroner Caroline Saunders said she was confident Mr Brand’s GP office was treating him appropriately because at the time of these appointments there was “no urgent need referral “to the team of specialists.

“By taking the actions he took, overall, Ricky intended to kill himself,” Ms. Saunders said. She recorded a formal conclusion of suicide.

Speaking after the investigation, his mother Toni Brand said two of her son’s friends also died shortly before his death.

“It’s been two years and we still feel so sad – we feel lost,” she said. “How could my son come upstairs and do this?” A few minutes earlier, he had done the “diaper dance” which was a dance he always did with his son. I can not understand.

“I am now passionate about helping men cope with their mental health issues. My kids probably think I’m suffocating them, but I’m scared. It’s so important as moms that we ask our boys if they are having any problems at school or at work and keep asking our boys to share their feelings.

“I never imagined he would have committed suicide. He had so much to go through. Besides his son, he loved his family and his fishing and he had so many other hobbies. He had a busy life.

“I’m much more aware of it now. I tell my children every day how much I love them.

For confidential support the Samaritans available free of charge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at 116 123.

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