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Big Moochie Grape Releases New “Spin It Again” Video


At the end of July, Big Moochie Grape shared his Baby from Eastern Haiti album, a 15-track set that includes features from Key Glock, Kenny Muney and the late Young Dolph. The project was preceded by a few fan singles like “I’m The One” and “Never Had Shit” earlier this year. Since Eastern Haiti Baby’s release, Grape dropped accompanying music videos for tracks like “Breakdown,” “Right Now” featuring Kenny Muney, “Cotton Candy,” and “Acting Up.”

Yesterday (August 29), he returned with his final visual from the album, this time for “Spin It Again.” The recently released clip sees Grape floating through the palm-fringed waters of Miami on a yacht to the sound of its bars:

Spin it again, spin it again, spin it again, uh, yeah, spin the trash, niggas ain’t dead, then we spin again, uh, yeah, I tell ’em to shoot, trap and kill, I put ’em tendencies (Trappin’ and killin’) gangster, nigga, nah, never tried to fit in (I been gangster) /

Trap this pack in the hood, we’ll get it in/ Cross that line, then I kill my kin, call my nigga, we spin the trash (Spinnin’ the bin) / N***as ain’t dead, then we spin again

Before that, Big Moochie Grape’s last work dates back to the 2020s Eat or be eaten. Apart from his own music, he also made guest appearances on projects this year like Long live the young Dauphin, The weather is muney by Kenny Muney, and Pink M&Ms by MPA Juwop.

Be sure to hit play on Big Moochie Grape’s brand new music video for “Spin It Again” from Baby from Eastern Haiti downstairs.