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Are you losing your mind over your child’s disorganized toys? This smart teen can help


Meet your LEGO sorter and organizer. Photo: Supplied/ Jessica Callaghan-Fox

Are you a parent out of breath from the Lego chaos in your home? Those little bricks can end up everywhere, making your home a barefoot hazard and an unsightly mess, but containing them or picking everything up every few hours doesn’t seem to work either.

You may have even considered just throwing away your little one’s scattered toys…

But that might not be necessary anymore. A young innovator named Khanyisa ‘Kaay’ Kwaza, based in the Western Cape, is here to ‘sort out’ this problem for you.

News24 spoke to Kwaza, a professional LEGO sorter, to find out how his clever business idea came about.


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Kwaza told us he grew up loving LEGO like any other kid, having fun building and creating with the popular little bricks all the way through elementary school.

However, it wasn’t until recently that he met Jessica Callaghan-Fox who helped him see the big picture and turned that love for LEGO into an income-generating opportunity.

Kwaza had just enrolled and was disappointed to learn that he had not been accepted to study for the public management degree he was dreaming of.

Finding a job was another mountain to climb, especially since he had no work experience.

Considering his options, Kwaza decided to message Callaghan-Fox via Facebook, asking for any job opportunities.

Luckily, while discussing Kwaza’s skills and finding out where she could place him, it turned out that the efficient young man would be good at organizing and sorting LEGOs.

She suggested it to him, and “he shone like a star,” she says.


Callaghan-Fox says Kwaza is fantastic for the organization as he is also very efficient, professional and well mannered.

Currently, she is helping him develop and market his growing business. Currently, Kwaza is walking around Cape Town, with a friend, sorting and organizing LEGOs and children’s toys. It focuses on vineyards, Stellenbosch, Paarl, Franschhoek and surrounding areas.

If you also need Kwaza’s help with sorting and organizing your little one’s toys, you can contact Callaghan-Fox by email.

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