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Announcement of controversial new name for Popular Food Company in Minnesota


A popular food delivery company that has served families in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois since 1952 has announced its very famous name saying goodbye. Schwan’s Home Delivery excitedly shared the news of the change on Friday, March 18. However, the news caused a stir with customers, with some even claiming the company’s new name is racist.

Schwan home delivery changes name after 70 years

If you live in the Midwest, you know a Schwan truck. In fact, you’ve probably enjoyed ice cream or meals from the company. The man from Schwan came to our house every week and wasn’t sure about your house, but sometimes we didn’t answer the door. We hid behind a couch. I do not know why. . . but I guess it was too hard to open the door and say “no thanks” sometimes. #True story

After 70 years, Schwan’s is going away. If you missed the big announcement shared on Facebook today, you can read it below:

Since 1952, Schwan’s Home Delivery has pioneered new food delivery possibilities with an independent spirit and a dedication to reinvention. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our boldest decision yet: a new name.

Our new name honors the personal bonds that are formed between our employees and the communities we serve, and it nods to our beloved fleet of yellow delivery vehicles. As Yelloh, we will continue to be the same great company you trust to deliver exceptionally delicious food that you and your family love.

What do you think of Schwan’s new name?

I’m sure extensive work has been done to see if the new name would benefit the business. However, some comments posted on social media say the new name “sounds racist” and that the new name is just an awful idea.

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There were a few people who loved Schwan’s new name.

I had to sift through quite a few comments, but there are a small handful of people who shared their excitement for the new name.

Some additional useful information regarding the new name of Schwan’s

If you’re wondering how to become a customer or just curious about what Schwan’s is, here’s some useful information for you:

  • Want to become a customer? It’s simple – all you have to do is create a new customer account at www.schwans.com or by phone at 1-888-724-9267.
  • Check out Yellow’s new website! here.

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