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Abilene Nonprofits Are Determined Not To Let Toy Shortage Stop Them From Bringing A Smile To Big Country Children | KTAB


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB / KRBC) – The slow return of the global supply chain, which began with the pandemic, is having a major impact on the economies of major countries.

As the holidays approach, annual nonprofit Abilene campaigns like Toys for Tots and the Angel Tree program ensure families can give gifts to their children this year.

The pandemic has caused a long list of shortages in many items, such as car parts, toilet paper, wood and now Christmas toys.

“This year we are trying to help about 15,000 children in the surrounding counties by spreading the word,” said Sergeant Treston Shepherd.

Sgt. Shepherd says that last year COVID-19 suspended Toys for Tots, a marine program that brings together children’s toys from the community to help those less fortunate in time for the holidays.

“We received over $ 20,000 in donations, which was greatly appreciated because we didn’t receive as many toys as we wanted,” said Sgt. Shepherd.

The Angel Tree program is another toy drive with The Salvation Army, which also experienced complications last year.

“We served approximately 1,300 children last year, which represents approximately 600 families,” said Captain Joshua McKain of the Salvation Army.

While many toys are made overseas, many places have experienced delays in shipping and distribution, but that does not prevent the Great Country mission to bring holiday cheer to our young people.

“We are always grateful when someone decides to adopt an angel from the tree and support a less fortunate neighbor,” said Captain McKain.

They believe that this year, with the help of the community, they will be able to bounce back with even more toy donations.

“We have a great community in Abilene, I know a lot of people are ready to come and support us. The only thing we need to do is make sure we publicize what our organization does and how much it helps the community, ”said Sgt. Shepherd.

If you want to put a smile on a child’s face this holiday season, there is plenty of time. For a list of toy bin locations you can find around town, Click here.

And to sign up for the Angel Tree program with The Salvation Army, you can find the app by by clicking here.

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